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Welcome to Wonderful, Tasty World of Sixlets!

Sixlets®—yes, the tasty, chocolatey candies in tubes you grew up loving as a kid—is now 60 years sweet! And we’ve only gotten sweeter with age.

The Candy You GrewUp Loving As a Kid

Sixlets®—the little round bites of candy-coated, malt-flavored chocolatey candies have been putting smiles on the faces of children and reminding parents of their own inner child since 1960. Ever since Sixlets® were sold six at a time for a penny, they’ve been the go-to candy snack. Who doesn’t love tearing open a tube of red, yellow, orange, brown, blue and green Sixlets®? The candy-coated shell provides the perfect crunch with a sweet chocolate finish. We’re proud to deliver this snacking satisfaction to current and future generations to come

Sweet Snack Memories

As Sixlets® celebrates its 60th anniversary, let’s take a stroll down the candy-coated memory lane and celebrate all the memories Sixlets® have helped generations of families make.

Always Fun. Forever Tasty. Crazy, Bright and Colorful

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